Who am I?

I am both a web developer and a systems engineer, with a background of PHP/MySQL programming and a long CV :).
I design and develop websites but I can also be employed to set up Linux boxes for almost any purpose from internet routing to website hosting.

about me
Tehnologies/software I am acustomed to:
PHP, HTML, AJAX, JavaScript, C++, MySQL, Apache, Apache Tomcat, Zope, Squid, NAT, DNS, DHCP, Samba, Firewalls, Fiber Optics/Wireless/Ethernet Networks, VPN, Sendmail, Qmail, SpamAssassin and other anti-spam tehniques, HTB and bandwidth management etc.

Language skills: Romanian-native, English-excellent, French-fair, Spanish/Italian-some

  • Website design and development
  • DHTML-AJAX on LAMP platforms
  • Setting up Linux servers for all purposes
  • Complete ISP related services
  • Consultancy (server and network setup, maintenance, upgrades etc.)

latest designs

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